Wedding Coordination

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Wedding Coordination Package:

Although you and your partner (or the two of you and some combination of family and friends) are planning the event, I am available throughout the process to offer advice, encouragement and support.

Although I am not acting as your full wedding planner, what I offer is not really day-of coordination either.  That implies that I would show up the morning of the wedding, and just manage things for that one day ... when in reality, I am in a supportive role throughout the planning process, so that by the time the wedding rolls around, you are familiar and comfortable with me, and I am well versed in what your expectations are for the day.

 Here's an approximate overview of what the coordination package entails:

We will schedule two phone consultations during the planning process (and I will review your rental list to make sure we'll have everything we need). I'm also available over email for questions that come up as you continue to plan the wedding.

Two weeks before the wedding, I'll write up the schedule for the weekend, including a plan for set up and any rehearsals, and a run of show for the actual wedding day.

Starting a week before the wedding, you can contact me as much as you need for last minute questions and such.

The day before the wedding, I am onsite for about a half day before the rehearsal, helping to direct wedding set up.  I will run the rehearsal, and make sure everyone feels comfortable with the schedule and ready for the ceremony!

The day of, I am onsite from mid-morning through the night, directing family and friends for last minute set up, and coordinating every aspect of the event (timing, music, ceremony - and making sure all the other vendors know what they are doing and when).  In general, every time someone has a question, they ask me, instead of troubling either of you.

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"Rachel was quick to understand what we were looking for, helped us work through the details, and gave invaluable advice as we made plans for the big day. On our wedding day, she had an amazing sense of exactly where she was needed and worked efficiently to make the day a great success – all while remaining relaxed and excited for us!  We are really thankful for her role in the celebration!"

-Peter I. (2015 Wedding)

"The best part was her calm and lovely energy - she helped us feel supported and reassured on a very big day in our lives."

– Greg R. (2015 Wedding)

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