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Kinship & Company offers calm, competent & joyful wedding coordination and management.

Month-of Wedding Coordination & Consultation Packages

© 2019 Alexandra Meseke
© 2019 Alexandra Meseke
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© Savanna Lenker Photography 2019

Month-of Planning Package

The month-of package is my specialty.  I have found that this option is the best fit for the vast majority of couples, as it allows you to plan your own wedding (but with guidance and structure), with the assurance that you (and your families) won't have to work your own wedding

We'll have a meeting at the beginning of the wedding planning process so that you know exactly what elements should be in place when the wedding is a couple months away - and you'll also have access to planning resources I've created, so that you can embark on wedding planning with a structure and a plan!  At this point we'll also discuss your vision for the wedding, and I'll make vendor recommendations that I think would be a good fit. 

Though the month of package is a flat rate, you are always welcome to add on extra assistance (hourly) as needed throughout the planning process, which ensures that you can customize the package to have exactly the amount of assistance that is right for you and your partner.  Extra assistance might mean phone or in person meetings, having me join you for meetings with vendors, reviewing contracts before you sign, having me tackle particular tasks (like figuring out a shuttle schedule) or anything else you might have questions about or need help with!  

I will fully come on board a month before the event to make sure all the details are in place - I'll write a schedule for the day before and day of, create a layout, adjust the rental order if needed, we'll do a walk through of the venue, and I'll touch base with all the vendors to make sure everyone is working off the same schedule and is on the same page.  

I'll run the rehearsal (typically the day before the wedding) & oversee set up, and I'll be onsite the day of your wedding - answering vendor questions, keeping track of the schedule and problem solving on the fly.

Curious, but have a few questions?  Read more about coordination on the FAQs page! 

If this sounds like the support you're looking for, hop on over to the inquiry page and let's chat!


Wedding Consultation

I offer hourly consulting packages to couples who are looking for some high-level course corrections, schedule suggestions or planning advice.  Consultation packages can be customized based how many hours you need.

Maybe you just need a schedule written up, or a timeline to hand off to a friend who will be managing day of logistics.... or you'd like me to do a walk through with you, so we can discuss the logistics of a particular site.

A 2, 3 or 5 hour consultation package makes a great gift for a friend or family member who might need some help with planning their wedding!

Let's set up a time to chat if you'd like to learn more! (And the proceeds from 10 consultation packages will all go into the Kinship Fund... see below for details)


© 2019 Sarah Clapp
© 2019 Sarah Clapp

The Kinship Fund

As a way to give back to our local and global community, Kinship & Company will donate 100% of the proceeds from 10 consultation packages each year to different humanitarian, social & racial justice organizations/causes both at home and abroad.

In 2020, all proceeds from 10 consultations will be donated to aid organizations that are working on the ground to alleviate the refugee crisis in Syria. 

Kinship is all about forming social relationships and community - and the fund allows for some of the resources that are put towards the kinship-forming work of weddings to be re-directed and expanded outward in order to strengthen our kinship-bonds with communities all over the world.


Green Wedding Decor

As an added service to all couples that work with me, you are welcome to use any of the wedding materials I own (many items are pictured below!).  These are a combination of things I have purchased, built and inherited from weddings that I've worked. The selection is always changing, but my goal is to hold an inventory of useful items so that every couple doesn't have to go out and buy something they will use one and never need again (like table numbers!).  

We literally could not have done it without Rachel. From quelling nerves, creating a schedule, communicating with our families, all the way to the clean up on the wedding day, Rachel made the process enjoyable and calm. Especially important was her role day of, keeping us moving to where we needed to be, and keeping any issues from reaching us on our special day.

-Cady F. (2018 Wedding)

"The best part was her calm and lovely energy - she helped us feel supported and reassured on a very big day in our lives."

– Greg R. (2015 Wedding)