Some Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I HAVE to have a wedding coordinator? 

Nope.  All that's really required at a wedding is that you and your beloved get married - and that certainly doesn't require a coordinator (or any other vendors, for that matter).

There is no wrong way to throw a wedding.  You could skip the dinner, the tent and the open bar and instead have 200 friends and family come to a public park, sit on blankets surrounding you both and an officiant, and have an incredibly meaningful and beautiful celebration, and skip the dinner and reception.  Or, you both could get married in your best friend's living room surrounded by 10 people, and celebrate afterwards with champagne and a bbq in the backyard.  (And you probably don't need a coordinator for either of these options).

That said, as soon as you add in different scheduled events (cocktail hour, dinner, toasts, cake cutting, dancing, etc...), other vendors (a caterer, photographer, bartenders, baker, florist, DJ, musicians), and rentals (a tent, tables, chairs, plates, flatware, glasses, dance floor, lights, linens) - not to mention your own personalized decorations - it can be extremely helpful to call in some extra help.  In these cases, many couples find that hiring a coordinator helps them relax and focus on the experience of getting married - rather than getting swept up in the details of throwing a party.

I'm getting told there are so many things I must do - and I'm feeling overwhelmed.  Are you going to push me towards a day that is ever more complicated and expensive?

Not at all - I can help you plan a day that reflects the values and desires of both you and your partner, and will be supportive of you both creating a day that is meaningful to you.  It's also incredibly important that you both are able to remain solvent and sane throughout the wedding planning process.  At the risk of repeating myself - all that's required at your wedding is you and your beloved, an officiant and a witness.  That's it. The rest is just details - they can be really fun details, but there are no hard and fast rules about what you must (or must not) do.

My job is to support you in having a meaningful celebration where you and your partner can get married, spend some time surrounded by people that love you, have a lot of fun, and not feel burdened by having to manage the event.

How much will it cost?

The wedding coordination described above (support during the planning process, writing a full schedule for the weekend, directing set up, running the rehearsal and being onsite all day (from morning set up until late at night) on your wedding day) usually works out to be around $1500.  Small weddings (under 75 people), large weddings (over 200 people) or weddings with many additional vendors and events might affect the price - but the vast majority of weddings end up being in the $1500 range. 

Most couples have already decided on a date, come up with their guest list and have a few venues in mind by the time they hire me, though not always.  I am happy to start working with couples at any stage of the process.

Also included in the package is access to my own stash of event and wedding materials - including 192 feet of cafe lights, a variety of chalkboard signs, 15 ft of battery powered string light for lighting out of the way areas, and a variety of other supplies (including galvanized tin tubs for the bar, table numbers, assorted tin pails for flower arrangements...).

Have you decided to elope? Having a 50 person wedding in December? Not sure that the whole coordination package is right for the two of you, and perhaps you'd rather just have some help writing up your day-of schedule?  No problem! Consulting and customized packages are also available.  Please email me at for more details!