Doula Support

Compassionate, non-judgmental support for pregnant people and birth givers.

 My role is to listen carefully to what those in the heart of the transition are saying and what they are asking for, and to then travel with them in full support and non-judgement, no matter where that journey may take them.

 I focus equally on postpartum and new family work along with attending births.

I also offer full spectrum doula services, meaning that I will provide support to people no matter the pregnancy outcome (including planned abortion or medical termination, stillbirth, miscarriage or loss).  

 Birth and postpartum/new family services are offered in the winter and spring, and then I transition to wedding season for the summer and fall.

I am part of the Ithaca Doula Collective - you can read more about my serivces on my profile page.

Please fill out the form on the inquiry page if you are interested in learning more about these services. Thank you!

© 2018 - SARA TRO
© 2018 - SARA TRO