Virtual Coaching for DIY Weddings

This is a brand new offering, which I've developed in order to expand the types of planning services offer to couples.  This is a guided one year coaching package, where I work with you both to completely empower you to plan and run your own wedding

Packages open up on June 1st of 2020 - get in touch if you have any questions or have a wedding that's happening less than a year away, and we can work something out!

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Is this a good fit for you and your partner?

This is a good fit for couples who:

  • Are on a budget! In particular, couples who may be paying for the wedding themselves and have a specific budget that they need to stay at/below, and who are trying to reduce the number of vendors they hire in order to keep costs low
  • Are motivated and organized, and are excited at the prospect of working through templates and spreadsheets to fully plan and schedule their own wedding (with guidance!) 
  • Are interested in having a friend act as their day-of coordinator, but need help in figuring out what exactly that friend should do and how to ensure their wedding day runs smoothly 
  • Are excited to plan a wedding that may not look like all the other weddings out there.  A wedding put on by family and friends may not look the same as ones on Pinterest that are staffed by a squadron of experienced vendors, BUT it will be creative, joyful, important, unique and completely customized to the two of you.  This wedding will absolutely represent YOU as a couple!

What does it include?

We'll start with an Initial one hour meeting to review all the tools and templates you'll be using, as well as an overview of what we'll accomplish in the next year.

We'll then have 1 hour video chats at 12 months, 9 months, 6 months, 3 months and 1 month before the wedding.  

You'll both have specific assignments to complete before each call, and at the one-month call we'll bring on your day-of coordinator (whether it's a friend or family member) to review with them their exact duties for the wedding day. 

How is it different from the month-of package?

With the month-of package, I'm spending the month before your wedding working on writing your schedule, contacting and coordinating all your vendors, working out last minute details, running the rehearsal and then being onsite all day and night the day of your wedding. This is a much more hands-on package, and involves me being actually being present the day of your wedding! 

The coaching package is for couples who are comfortable doing all of that work themselves, and who may want to have friends or family take on tasks that are typically handled by other vendors (e.g. maybe a friend is the photographer, maybe you are having a potluck instead of a catered dinner, maybe friends and family are doing all the set up and clean up).

I'm here to help walk you through all the details of doing this all yourself, so you can still feel confident that your wedding day will go off without a hitch! (Well, one hitch. You'll get hitched. Sorry, I couldn't help myself!)

Why hire me as your coach?

I've worked weddings where the budget was $2000, weddings where the budget was $200,000 and everything in between.  I've done backyard potluck weddings, coordinated DIY catering for weddings (I used to cater weddings, so have experience with the ins and outs of how to tackle handling food for large groups), and am creative, practical and organized.  

Interested in learning more?

Let's chat to see if I might be a good fit for you! I offer a free 30 min consult to all prospective clients, so you can learn more and see what it would be like to work with me.  Head on over to the INQUIRIES page to get in touch!