Kind words from couples & families that have worked with Kinship & Company

"I never imagined I would benefit so greatly from involving a coordinator, and will recommend Kinship & Co to every future bride I encounter. If you pay for one thing for your wedding, make it this."

2018 Wedding

"Rachel pairs an ability to see exactly what is needed with the skills to make it happen."

2015 Wedding

"On our wedding day, Rachel had an amazing sense of exactly where she was needed and worked efficiently to make the day a great success - all while remaining relaxed and excited for us."

2015 Wedding

"Rachel orchestrated our entire wedding day to be perfect ... and it was done with a smile, calmness and grace the entire time."

2014 Wedding

"Rachel quietly and patiently listened to our vision and helped us make it a reality."

2017 Wedding

"Rachel is, without a doubt, the best thing to happen to our wedding. We could not have done it without her. From the very first phone call to the very last goodnight hug, Rachel took care of everything. She helped us find vendors, visit venues, review contracts, brainstorm ideas, cut down costs, specialize the event to be perfect to us. She coordinated vendors, she helped manage the budget, planned timelines, she talked us through the hard parts and shared in our joy through the exciting parts. On the day of, SHE MADE THE WHOLE THING HAPPEN!! Honestly, I tell every single person I know that's getting married that they need her. She is open, warm, friendly, knowledgeable, flexible, game for anything. And perhaps best of all, she truly cares about you! She wants your wedding, however it may look, to be as YOU as you want it to be, and that's something special nowadays in this crazy crazy wedding industry. She's reasonably priced and goes above and beyond for her clients - it's 100% worth every penny. She's wonderful, and you will be so grateful to have her in your corner."

-Nikki C. 2019 Wedding


"Rachel was beyond diligent, deep thinking, and a great pleasure to work with. We used Rachel as our wedding coordinator mainly for the purpose of ensuring that our entire wedding weekend and the months leading there to were seamless. Among other things, she executed her job flawlessly, while providing the following excellent services: she communicated with all vendors during the planning process, days leading up to the wedding, and during the wedding, created a detailed timeline of the weekend for vendors, venue, and family members, she made sure flowers, food, music, ceremony, transportation, etc. were executed to perfection, she lead a rehearsal the evening before, she was responsible for organizing all wedding items from table cards, sunglasses, games, to our own personal items. She made sure we had it all! She also had drinks and personal items ready and available for the bride and groom! We were able to be a guest at our own wedding because of Rachel! She made the day and night stress free and calm.

She met us at the hotel when the evening was over and delivered remaining items along with a pizza for the bride and groom! She truly made sure everything was perfect from beginning to end. Rachel is detail oriented and an excellent communicator. We could not have survived the day without her! She is highly recommended! We loved her!"

-Carly L. (2018 Wedding)


"Rachel helped us create a beautiful event with just the vibe we were after. It all went off without a hitch and that is due in LARGE part to her help. As a groom, it was wonderful to have someone easy to work with around before and during the big day, both for me AND my then-bride-to-be. Is somebody in your family difficult to deal with? Worried about your friend having too much to drink and trying to get behind the wheel? Rachel to the rescue! Forget the duct tape? The extension cord? Rachel has your back.
We wholeheartedly recommend Kinship & Co."

-James C. (2018 Wedding)


"I hired Rachel as a "day-of coordinator" for some peace of mind, and she knocked our expectations out of the park! From our first phone call months before, to the inevitable mayhem of the "week before" a backyard wedding, Rachel quietly and patiently listened to our vision and helped us make it a reality. To us, she embodied a somehow calm-yet-fastidious, organized-yet-flexible, wise-yet-humble, gentle-yet-diplomatic "woman behind the curtain". She helped us realize that we DID indeed have the brains, heart, and courage to pull it off: We just needed her logistical expertise--the essential factor that often left our wheels spinning endlessly! Elegant, yet down-to earth, she quickly understands the way that you and your family operate, and encourages you in the most motivating of ways."

-Jamie W. (2017 Wedding)


"Rachel was the coordinator for our 250+ guest backyard wedding. She met with us several times in the 10 months leading up to our wedding and helped us to plan everything from the rehearsal dinner to the ceremony to the reception. We decided to do all the decorations, flowers, set-up, drinks, and food ourselves (with the help of many friends and family) and Rachel made sure that everything went smoothly. Her planning lists have every detail you need to have your wedding day be seamless. Perhaps the most amazing part of Rachel's role in our wedding was her day-of coordination. We never had to think about anything other than enjoying the celebration, knowing that she was on top of everything. We absolutely could not have pulled our wedding off without Rachel, and everything went even more smoothly that we could have imagined! We would certainly (and already have) recommend Rachel to anyone planning a wedding!"

-Max P. (2017 Wedding)


"The weather called for rain and Rachel spent hours with me going over possible rain options for the outdoor ceremony.  She was patient and creative.  She made everything look so beautiful and made sure everything ran as smoothly as possible. I could not recommend her more!"

Whitney B. (2017 Wedding)

© 2018 - Allison Usavage
© 2018 - Allison Usavage

"Of all the many decisions my daughter and I had to make for her recent wedding, hiring Rachel was the absolute best one! Rachel is positive, organized, knowledgeable, and a fantastic communicator. She is extremely professional and went above and beyond my expectations in making our day perfect! She listens intently to your vision and quickly becomes excited to help you achieve it. I can honestly say that once I placed things into Rachel's hands, I didn't need to worry. On the day of the wedding I was able to focus on my daughter and this beautiful event. I know that when my second daughter gets married, Rachel will be the first person I contact! Rachel's natural ability to coordinate our dream wedding was absolutely amazing!"

-Connie A. (2017 Wedding)


"Rachel's coordinating services were the best money we spent in our wedding! She is calm, straightforward and so so so competent. She helped us wrangle unresponsive vendors, fielded questions from my mother and made the whole wedding experience feel like a breeze! If you're looking for someone to help you finish the details, and want some pointers for good local vendors, Rachel can't be beat!"

-Alberto C. (2018 Wedding)


"Rachel was quick to understand what we were looking for, helped us work through the details, and gave invaluable advice as we made plans for the big day.  On our wedding day, she had an amazing sense of exactly where she was needed and worked efficiently to make the day a great success - all while remaining relaxed and excited for us!  We are really thankful for her role in the celebration!"

-Peter I. (2015 Wedding)


"Rachel was our day-of coordinator, and she was amazing! Rachel pairs an ability to see exactly what is needed with the skills to make it happen. She is incredibly professional and so so capable. Rachel was also able to connect with other resources (like our beautiful flowers!) around the community. In little moments of quiet during the wedding, I looked around and saw almost 200 people enjoying a relaxed and casual event. "

-Michelle T. (2015 Wedding)


"The best part was her calm and lovely energy - she helped us feel supported and reassured on a very big day in our lives."

-Greg R. (2015 Wedding)


"It's easy to let the words 'my wedding planner and caterer was the best!' roll out of your mouth, but truly: Rachel's unique combination of poise, organization, humor, talent, communication skills, and aesthetic leaning were absolutely what made my wedding and saved my sanity. One year later I can still feel the gratitude for her presence and hard work just as viscerally as the day of my wedding. That is special!"

-Michelle R. (2015 Wedding)


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© 2018 - Maggie Gallagher
© 2018 - Maggie Gallagher