Kinship & Company is committed to supporting individuals, couples and communities through thoughtfully-orchestrated weddings and events, and by serving people through times of transition in their lives.

As of Fall 2021, I am taking a break from wedding planning and event coordination.

It has been a privilege to have been a part of so many weddings and events over the past 5 years, and I am grateful to all the couples and families who welcomed me into their lives! 

The Sweet Bough Wedding Collective is near and dear to my heart - I’m a proud co-founder of the collective, along with the amazing photographer Allison Usavage

The collective serves as an online directory featuring over 100 Ithaca-based vendors of all shapes and sizes who abide by common principles of respect, inclusion, and compassion.

Visit Sweet Bough Collective to see a full directory of local wedding vendors: sweetboughcollective.com

Learn more about our guiding principles of inclusivity, respect, collaboration, and flexibility at sweetboughcollective.com/terms-of-engagement.

"It's easy to let the words "my wedding planner was the best!" roll out of your mouth, but truly: Rachel's unique combination of poise, organization, humor, talent, communication skills, and aesthetic leaning were absolutely what made my wedding and saved my sanity.

One year later I can still feel the gratitude for her presence and hard work just as viscerally as the day of my wedding."

-Michelle R. (2015 Wedding)

Header photograph by Sarah Clapp; Footer photograph by Allison Usavage