Kinship & Company is committed to supporting individuals, couples and communities through thoughtfully-orchestrated weddings and events, and by serving people through times of transition in their lives.

 Hourly Wedding Consulting

© 2018 - Maggie Gallagher
© 2018 - Maggie Gallagher
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© 2019 Sarah Clapp

Completely Customized Planning Assistance

With hourly wedding consulting, you can hire me by the hour to help with absolutely anything related to wedding planning. 

Finding vendors, securing contracts, developing timelines, getting set up with to-do lists and spreadsheets, making budgets, meeting you for walk-throughs at the site, helping with layout design... I'm happy to tackle anything!

We can start at the very beginning, or I can jump in and help you with whatever project is at hand, no matter how far along you are in the wedding planning process.    

The Sweet Bough Wedding Collective is near and dear to my heart - I’m a proud co-founder of the collective, along with the amazing photographer Allison Usavage

The collective serves as an online directory featuring over 100 Ithaca-based vendors of all shapes and sizes who abide by common principles of respect, inclusion, and compassion.

Visit Sweet Bough Collective to see a full directory of local wedding vendors: sweetboughcollective.com

Learn more about our guiding principles of inclusivity, respect, collaboration, and flexibility at sweetboughcollective.com/terms-of-engagement.

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Who is Kinship & Company?

Kinship & Company is me - Rachel Conroy.  There are few things I love more than bringing together groups of people to celebrate love, friendship & community, and to provide compassionate support for people in times of transition.  I'm so glad you're here, and I look forward to meeting you. 

Ready to get in touch?  The contact page is waiting for you here.

"It's easy to let the words "my wedding planner was the best!" roll out of your mouth, but truly: Rachel's unique combination of poise, organization, humor, talent, communication skills, and aesthetic leaning were absolutely what made my wedding and saved my sanity.

One year later I can still feel the gratitude for her presence and hard work just as viscerally as the day of my wedding."

-Michelle R. (2015 Wedding)

Header photograph by Sarah Clapp; Footer photograph by Allison Usavage